Are YOU ready to have the HAPPINESS you want in your life?

 Do you want to discover what really makes you happy?

Do you want to increase your overall wellbeing and add positivity to your life?

Are you looking to live more mindful and add balance to your life?

Perfect! You've come to the right place.

I am Veronika, a happiness coach, yoga teacher and Reiki master. I help people to find what makes them really happy and create a life they really want. My mission is to help as many people as possible to discover and live their unique happy lives so that they can change the world to a better and happier place. I want to help you to live a happy and satisfying life – so that you can live a fulfilled and healthy life.

I want you to know that your dreams and goals are attainable and that happiness will help you to achieve everything you ever wanted.


Be happy

I will help you to find what makes you really happy in your life.

You will never again be manipulated from your environment and feel stuck in your life.

You will get inner happiness and control over your emotions.

Be mindful

I will help you to live a more mindful life.

You will acknowledge your stressfactors and cut it out of your life.

You will feel happier and start living your life.

Be healthy

I will help you to love your body and live more healthy.

You will start living a more balanced and healthy life.

You will feel fit, healthy and more connected to your body again.

What people say

Veronika has helped me to discover a state of mind I merely believed in before. It has now become an integral part of my every day life. - Andreas, Germany

Reiki has helped me to balance my anxiety. For the first time in ages, I can experience a calm mind and have a normal daily schedule. - Sophie, USA

Thanks to Veronika, I realized that I got manipulated by the media and friends in my life. Now, I know what makes me really happy. - Kristy, Australia

My 3 yo child was screaming and crying every night for a week. She didn't know why. Only one Reiki session has helped to solve this. - Sarah, Germany

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