What a Hatha Yoga program Can Do

Yoga is not just fitness and fun. It is originally a therapy form which helps to improve health and balance body and mind. During this program I focus on Hatha Yoga. This exercises help you to be more connected with your own body. The program can be added into medical treatment plans as it can help prevent and aid recovery from physical and mental ailments. Hatha Yoga has long been practiced with therapeutic intentions as a way of transforming body and mind.

Reduces the stress level

Clearing emotional blockages

Balancing of body, mind and spirit

Stabilize the mind

Decrease physical pain

Reduces depression

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How do I know this is right for me?

Do you feel out of balance?

Do you feel like you have a blockage in your body which restricts your movements?

Do you want to do some relaxing exercise for your body and mind?

Then this Yoga healing program is exactly what you need. You will feel more connected to your own healing and balancing on all levels. As well you will experience more happiness, a stable mind, better flexibility and body movement.

This Yoga healing program is suitable for beginners and it will be a gentle practice for your balancing process. You will feel so much better after only 1 month of practice.

How is this Yoga program different from other Yoga practices?

This Hatha Yoga techniques have been used in old Indian Ayurveda healing for thousands of years. It focuses on healing and balancing of the body and mind.

During this Yoga healing program we work only with Hatha Yoga asanas, meditation and breathing techniques. The entire Yoga program is a meditative practice. It will be personalized for your imbalances and the goals you want to achieve. You will practice this program at home or outside by yourself.

This program will be personalized to your daily and weekly schedule, so it will be achievable for you to practice regularly. You will only practice asanas which are possible for your body condition.

What to Expect from a personalized Yoga program?

You will complete a confidential client history form that outlines the areas in your body and mind that you would like the program to focus on. This will also help the practitioner monitor your progress over the time. During a Skype call you can ask any questions you have. After the call the practitioner will design your personal Yoga program. You will receive this program with detailed instructions and videos for your own practice via email. Any questions will be answered within 48 hrs via email. After the first week you will have another 15 min consultation call to discuss the program and possible adjustments. You will have a 1 month email support for this program.