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This year is running. What are you going to do to make sure that these days will be filled with joy and happiness?

Are YOU ready to have the HAPPINESS you want in your life?

 Do you want to discover what really makes you happy?

Do you want to increase your overall wellbeing and add positivity to your life?

Are you ready to live a more mindful and balanced life?

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My vision is to make happiness accessible for everybody and teach how each one of us can be happy at any time of our lives. I am here to spread the message of how you can transform each aspect of your life and live the life you deserve. Choose a life which brings a smile on your face - every single day.

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Hi, I am Veronika and I made happiness my mission in life. My education started from natural healing, diet, over to Yoga and energetic healing processes and got completed with psychology and the subconscious core wounds. I am a certified life and happiness coach.

Seeing how much people are limiting themselves to fit into society was definitely a trigger point for me why I started to specialize in happiness. As well as seeing how people are struggling to find happiness in their lives.

It is proven that happy people are more fulfilled, more healthy, more successful and experience an overall balance in their life. Out of uni, I did everything the society expected from me and here was I standing: no health, stressed and totally unhappy. That’s why I started to search for happiness myself.

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Career 87%
Health 100%
Relationships 81%
Self Love & Confidence 95%
Physical Appearance 79%
Overall Balance and Satisfaction 100%


Be happy

I will help you to find what makes you really happy in your life.

You will never again be manipulated from your environment and feel stuck in your life.

You will experience inner happiness and control over your emotions.

Be mindful

This program will help you to live a more mindful life.

You will acknowledge your stress factors and be able to cut it out of your life or manage it.

You will feel more balanced and stable in life. You will learn how to be present and live in the now to experience life with all its amazing sides.

Feel Good

This program will help you to love your body and live a healthy lifestyle.

Your self-love will increase and

You will feel more connected to your body again.

Be the amazing authentic self you are.

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