What changes once you become a “traveler”?

1. You start to calculate all your expenses in flights, for example, “That surfboard cost as much as a return flight to Bangkok.” or “My weekly rent is a one-way flight to Bali.”

2. Most of your stories start with “When I was in…”

3. You feel misunderstood by people, who need a home and a routine and more important you cannot understand why people want to stay for the rest of their life only at one place. This world has got so much more to offer! You start to use the following quote daily: “Mate… The world is like a book. Who does not travel, only reads one page.”

4. It is normal for you to use your suitcase/backpack as a wardrobe, even when you are at home.

5. Three weeks at one place start to feel like a really long time.

6. When you go shopping, you ask the seller for a scale as you choose the clothes by weight. And more interesting – you know how much a standard jeans and t-shirt weight.

7. You cannot sleep when it is too quiet.

8. The only reason, why you go to work and work really hard is, so you can travel longer.

9. You do not know anything about local TV shows, but you know the abbreviation of airports you have not yet been to.

10. The only reason you save money is to spend it on flights and your next trip.

11. You have friends all over the world and your default communication apps are WhatsApp, Viber, and Skype. Traditional phone calls and SMS become a stranger.

“Can you send me an SMS with that information?” “Where is the SMS icon on my new phone?”

12. Your “base” is somewhere where other people are going for a holiday.

13. You start to ask people who you meet at home: “Where are you from?”

14. On your walls, you can find maps and photos you have taken on your travel trips.

15. You answer the most questions with “traveling”.

16. Your friends are asking you for advice about packing before they go traveling.

17. You are a pro in checking in at airports and clearing the airport security in record times.

18. You know all airport rules and all “life hacks” how to handle overweight luggage.

19. You see flight and train delays as extra time to research online about the next destination.

20. You are able to sleep anywhere in all kind of positions.

21. Traveling alone is an absolutely normal thing.

22. You can say at least “Thank you” in more than 10 languages.

23. It is a totally normal event when you meet a friend on the street in a town thousands of miles away from home.

24. You start to ask your boss, if you can do your work online while you are traveling, to get more time off.

25. To earn money, you look mainly into remote work and online based jobs.

26. When somebody asks you “Where did you get your outfit from?” you answer with countries instead of shops.


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