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Dont Work a day in your life

Do you know the famous free business seminars which suppose to teach you how to build a 6 figure business over night or how to become an industry rock star?

Years ago, just a few months after I left Germany, I went to one of this seminars in Brisbane, Australia. I was just about to finish off my Master in Business Administration (MBA), worked already 7 years in management and thought, well I still don’t know how to build a 6 figure business over night or not to work a day in my life.

I was sitting in this seminar, listening to the speaker’s story, how broke he was, even homeless, and then built his first 6 figure business within 6 months in an age of 24. Then he said this famous sentence “Since then I haven’t worked a day in my life”.

Here I am, super educated in business and management, many years’ experience in business, but for heavens sake, if I think back to just the last week, I worked at least 50 hrs a week plus was studying at night times. I must be far away from “not working a day in my life”. What did I miss in business? Do you know this frustrating feeling?

Here it comes:

Please do not take this speakers by word. They are working more hours than you can imagine. Sometimes even more than the most of us are willing to put into it. It’s all show and it sells well. These guys are just telling people what they want to hear.

Here I am 5 years later, broke out of the rat race and am travelling the world while working online. I get daily comments on Instagram or via mails “Do you work at all?”, “How do you finance all this?”…

There is no big secret about how to finance your travels – it gets simply down to hard work. But no one says that hard work can’t be fun!

Going on a wild water rafting adventure, hiking the Everest trek or simply walking around an area with a heavy backpack looking for a great accommodation to stay for the next nights –all of that is hard work and can be very tiring; but it is fun and if you have passion for it, you do not feel the hard work you are putting into it, as long you do what you love. That’s the same principle for your business.

That’s the secret behind the very famous quote “…since then I have not worked a day in my life!”

It does not mean that the person has really not worked a day in their life. It means that the work does not feel like work, because these people are passionate about what they are doing.

3 things you need for not working a day in your life

1. Passion. Find something what you are really passionate about. It can be travelling, scuba diving, helping other people, analysing businesses, vegan lifestyle, your kids, designing planners, etc. Target your work around what you are passionate about.

2. Get out of the comfort zone. “Nothing grows in the comfort zone.” It is always easier to leave things as they are instead of start changing something. Get out of your comfort zone and start changing your life towards your dreams.

3. Create products you can sell. Many people ask me how I finance my lifestyle. Well as I need to be location independent, I only offer online based services and products. Further, I do what I can do best and what I enjoy the most: Helping others with their businesses and health.

Simply create a product about your passion to help others and start selling it. Tip: Create a product which has a benefit to others.

Once you find something you are passionate about, you won’t work a day in your life, because the work you put in, does not feel like it’s hard work. Try to work 8 hrs a day on something you love and compare it to 8 hrs in a job you hate. The 8 hrs in a job you love will just fly by and it does not feel like work.

If you don’t know where to start, drop me a line and let’s get you a free business consultation call to fast forward your dreams!

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