Reiki is a healing approach to balance and heal us on all levels. It can be used for your past, present and future. During a Reiki session the energy aids the body to release stress and tension by creating deep relaxation. Here are 7 other ways how Reiki will improve your life.

1. Balance your emotions

Sometimes we react in a way we cannot explain. We are angry, sad, or just feeling imbalanced. Reiki helps to balance all your emotions and improve your life thanks to a calmer and clearer mind.

2. Activate your body’s natural healing abilities

We tend to forget that we have this amazing body that heals itself. Broken bones or cuts, it heals itself. Reiki activates and improves your body’s natural healing abilities. It helps to clear all blockages in your body which might interfere with the self-healing ability.

3. Achieve your life goals

We love to overthink all the negative things which might happen and why we cannot achieve our goals. Reiki calms the mind and helps to stop worrying. It sends energy to the outcomes you want. Reiki improves your life by helping you to achieve the life goals you want.

4. Get in life what you deserve

Sometimes it seems like we only get things in life we do not want. Sickness, failed exams, shitty jobs, rude people etc. With Reiki you can send energy to exactly the outcomes you want. I.e. if you have an exam next week. You still need to study and Reiki will not write the exam for you nor make you know everything. But it will give you a calm, clear mind and help you to get smoother through the exam. I heard from clients that they got exactly the questions they hoped for or the examiner they wished for. They got the team members in work they hoped for and more.

5. Heal your pet

It is a horrible feeling, if we cannot help our furry family member. When pets feel bad, they cannot tell us what exactly is wrong with them. Reiki can help our loved pets to heal itself. As well, Reiki can be practiced for the medicine to get a better effect for our pets.

6. Heal your past experience

It happens that we had a bad experience in the past. An accident, lost family member, or we felt unloved. These events can be stored as blockages in our body and we keep carrying it with us. This can have negative effects on your present life. Like you cannot get a job, your relationships are all a disaster or you just feel unhappy and imbalanced for no known reason. You do not need to be aware of the experience in the past which is causing the results in the present. Reiki can balance your past experience and heal it.

7. Make your life easier

Whatever you work towards, Reiki can help you to get the results you want. Reiki doesn’t make all problems disappear in life, but it helps to get smoother through life. It’s okay to have hurdles, but it’s better to have a few smaller ones. Reiki can improve your life on all levels.

Do you want to know how Reiki can improve your life? Schedule a call now and let’s talk how Reiki can help you.

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