We all know how important and practically necessary it is to know what our passion in life is. Even more importantly, we want to be able to do it so we fulfill our internal desires and meet personal goals, and so that, ultimately, it feels like our life has a purpose. Agreed so far?

But what if you’re still searching for that one thing that’s just yours, that makes you feel the most you, like you’re completely in your element? Chances are you’ve tried many different things and while maybe you felt like they were fun and had some potential to be your ultimate thing, they didn’t quite work out.

The common mistake many of us make is looking for something new. Sure, exploring new possibilities and interests is a great idea but when it comes to finding our passion, it’s often something we have forgotten about. Think about what used to excite you, be your thing, when you were a kid. Back then, we didn’t pick our interests as consciously and carefully as we do now, we didn’t worry about whether our hobby would make sense, be profitable in the future, or what other kids and our parents would think about it. Most of the time, we just did what we felt like doing, what we considered fun and exciting, without worrying too much about the consequences.

Of course, I’m not saying you should quit your day job or drop out of school and walk dogs for a living because puppies make you happy. I’m talking about trying to remember or even allow yourself to acknowledge what it was that used to take up hours and hours of your time each day without you even realizing it, making you feel so accomplished and proud of yourself.

Let me give you an example. As a kid, I used to read a lot; later, that evolved into writing quite a lot, too. I wrote both short and long stories, and at some point I also started to do translations, just for myself, to understand English better. That’s actually how I started to learn English outside of my regular classes. Because I genuinely loved it, I knew I could do all those things very well and without getting bored or frustrated by them (for the most part).

I wish I could just tell you to do what you love no matter what but I bet you want to have a job which allows you to support yourself as much the next person. So this is where this tiny obstacle called being a responsible adult comes in – but it doesn’t mean you should settle for a job that tires and bores you, and basically sucks all the energy and happiness out of you. The trick is to find – or rediscover – what gets you going and position it in a different context, preferably one that will allow you to pay your bills and sleep at night.

See, just because I knew I enjoyed reading and writing in English didn’t mean I had to go and get a job as a librarian or a translator. I had a feeling that wouldn’t really be my thing. I tried to think of other areas that bring me satisfaction and came up with photography, graphic design, fitness, nutrition and interaction with people. I realized I could combine all of those things and it wouldn’t require a major lifestyle or job change. That’s how I figured out I could be pretty satisfied with blogging about nutrition and exercise, talking to other people about fitness, motivation and also taking photos each day for my website and Instagram account, to keep my followers and friends inspired and determined to pursue their own goals.

I bet you have something like that in your life as well. Believe me, you don’t have to struggle to find a new passion, it’s very likely it’s already there and now it’s up to you to look into your past experiences, moments when you felt the most content and fulfilled with what you were doing, and soon you’ll have rediscovered what really excites you the most!

“Melania is a creator of health-related content; she writes about self-development, nutrition, exercise and positivity on her blog Smoothies and Sunshine, while sappily admiring nature and the beauty of the world in her spare time.”