When was the last time you actually spent time alone? Forgetting about obligations, responsibilities, appointments, commitments. You just stepped off the spinning wheel and made time for yourself.

If you are like most women, your day starts in a whirl and before you know it you are so tired you fall into bed only to begin the same cycle the next day. But how long can this go on? What is it doing to your health – mentally and physically? What type of example are you setting for your children?

When you are constantly rushing here and there, you are stressing yourself out. And we all know that stress leads to all kinds of health problems: headaches, high blood pressure, moodiness, to name a few.

Plus you probably don’t make the time to eat properly, let alone digest your food. So this leads to ulcers, stomach issues, acid reflux and maybe even weight gain.

And let’s look at “convenience nutrition”. Fast food, energy drinks, sugar, caffeine, alcohol might be keeping you going (so you think) but the harm it is doing to your body takes its’ toll. You might feel good now but without good healthy habits now, you most likely will pay for it later.

Actually, I’m pretty familiar with this scenario because most of the women I coach led this type of lifestyle. But now they are older, have health issues and are realizing how important taking care of yourself is. It’s a life process.

So let’s get you started so you can enjoy your life now and later.

But first let’s get a couple things straight:

Time for yourself

Making time for yourself is not selfish (it might take some time and work to get over feeling guilty!)


Time for yourself is not about spending it on social media talking about yourself.

Here are a few tips to help you get started:

1. Set your alarm 5-10 minutes earlier

This gives you time to stretch, deep breathe, maybe read, set your intentions for your day. It’s about not jumping out of bed and into your hectic day.

2. Journal

This is nothing new. When I was in high school we all kept journals. It’s a place to just write your thoughts. Some people keep a gratitude journal and write things they are grateful for. It’s a chance to put your thoughts on paper and not use a computer.

3. Set up your sacred space

Find a place that is just for you. Decorate it for you and not your family.

Plants, fresh flowers, crystals, books, a special mug (so you can have your favorite beverage as you sit in this space to relax by yourself). It could even be a space outside. Just make it clear to everyone that this is your special space and no visitors allowed.

4. Go for a walk

There is no greater time to spend time with yourself than a walk in nature. Of course, this means no headphones!

5. There’s always the bubble bath

I probably don’t need to set up this scene but candles and a glass of your favorite beverage help. Just remember to make it clear you don’t want any interruptions.

6. Read

No matter what your choice is reading is learning and we never stop needing that. Here’s a suggestion: maybe a book on how not to feel guilty spending time on yourself!

Peace and Good Health…….

About the writer:

Patti is an Ageless Lifestyle Coach helping women to bring their life into balance (body, mind and spirit) so they can live agelessly. She is also a Pilates, Yoga and Qigong instructor, Holy Fire Reiki Master and essential oil advocate.

Her website: http://livebalancednaturally.com/  has more info, blogs and recipes. And you can connect with her on Facebook, Twitter, You Tube and LinkedIn.