Every day you can find new articles about how bad pharmaceutical medicine is. How doctors are giving you pills for a temporary relieve, but it does not heal you. They tell you how chemotherapy is killing people. Lots of information is going around how bad pharmaceuticals are and that we should replace school medicine.

At the same time you can find these articles promoting all the amazing and so simple natural healing possibilities. How garlic is anti-viral, how lemons can heal cancer and much more.

Let’s replace school medicine which makes us just sicker?


We need to find the balance

We seem just to love to abuse the school medicine. And of course the pharmaceutical industry sees a big business in this. Who wouldn’t? There’s a simple demand and need situation here. But it is our own fault that we believe that there is a pill for everything. In our busy world, we want a ‘right now’ healing. No time for long-term healing plans and treatments. But this not what the products are made for. And there is not the one quick healing solution.

If it takes us years to poison slowly the body, it will not heal within seconds. No pill will do this.

You ask yourself, what should we do?

It is the balance we need in these cases. We have to learn to combine both approaches and not to go into one extreme.

The balance between the pharmaceutical and natural approaches

The pharmaceuticals help us to get instant relieve. Especially if we have waited for way too long to go to the doctor with our health issues. The natural medicine helps the body to address the core issue of the disease and to heal and balance it. However, depending on the individual situation, sometimes this can take months before you can feel the first results.

In 2013, I had a really bad car accident and I injured my shoulder. I wasn’t able to prepare food by myself, dress myself without pain, I couldn’t sit longer than 30 min and most of all I wasn’t able to work. It took 6 months for the first improvements.

The pain was so severe that it was driving me nuts. I mean do you know that kind of pain, when you just can’t even think clearly anymore? If you ever had horrible tooth pain, you can imagine how I felt. If I wouldn’t have had pain killers and anti-inflammatories, I would not have been able to take any action to heal.

In total it took me over 2 years and lots of treatments before the shoulder was 100% back to normal. Just imagine 2 years with this pain without any pain killers? No work, no support. Many people are going through that for many more years.

I would never recommend these guys not to take any pain killers to give them a break. And I don’t know how others can.

The body needs a break to heal

It is proven that the body heals itself best during a neutral stage. A good quite sleep is a great way for your body to heal itself.

Just imagine what would happen to your body if you have this pain and you cannot sleep, eat properly and relax? How can a body heal in this case? It might just go into survival mode. And you might not see any improvement.

To be able to heal properly we need to give our bodies a break. The pharmaceuticals are not healthy at all, but it can give our body this break. The break to get out of survival mode and start healing itself.

After taking pain killers for a while, I felt bad and stopped taking it. So what do you think what happened? The pain was back there, and the full body’s attention was going to this painful area. But the body stopped healing itself. The body recognized the inflamed area and over sensitized the shoulder area. This resulted in even more inflammation and a slower healing process.

Here’s where the combination of both is very important. The balance between both approaches. A treatment plan which covers school medicine and natural healing. Sometimes we need to take the medicine your doctor recommends, eat healthy enough to guard against its side effects and take the natural treatments to promote your body’s ability to heal itself.

Stop abusing the drugs!

Most people abuse the pharmaceutical drugs. They see the pill as a healer instead of what it really is: a symptom reliever. They take the pill, feel better and do not change a thing in their life. They keep poisoning the body. No healthier food, no exercise, no natural treatments to address the root cause of their issue. If the symptoms come back, back to the pills. And we still think this is how we will get better?

This will not happen.

By not taking any actions during the break, we feed the diseases even more. After poisoning the body for decades, it needs a long time to heal, detox and restore its amazing self-healing ability’s.

Be smart. Take responsibility for your body now and understand how to balance these two great approaches to get healed.

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